Best Phone Selling Techniques That Work

We will cover two broad topics to make sure that you have removed all your accounts, photographs, contacts, videos and even WhatsApp messages and any other data you have stored on the device. We also provide a wide range of personal information. And the other thing you'll cover is to ensure you securely delete the data there so you can't re-access it, and it's the last step before you hand the device over to Resale Expert. Here you have to do things before selling (sell my mobile) are available for sale.


Best Tips to Sell your Phone

Do you try to sell your phone? Before I sell my Phone, there are a few steps to follow:


Backup, Email, Call and Messages Contacts

If your Android smartphone relies mainly on Google apps, data transfer from one Android device to another should not be a problem. All your contacts are already backed up with the Google account you registered during setup. Only open the Google Play Store to search the email identification on which all your data is syncing and backed up. Click on the three lines at the top left of the screen, and a sidebar will appear from the left.


Take Backup of Media

Are you one of those who wish to save all of your images and videos on an external storage device? There are many ways to do this, but the quickest and most convenient way to store it on an external or an internal disk is to connect your mobile phone to your device using the USB cable supplied by your phone. On the PC, it should appear as a USB drive until the link is complete. Mac users can need to install a tiny Google application called Android file transfer to achieve the same effect.


Saves Your Google Account Details and Configurations

Enter copies of data from your app (saved apps, etc.), your Google Drive notes, Google+ files, web browser bookmarks and more. Ensure that all your data is recently backed up by going to Settings > Accounts > Google Accounts > Choose a Google Account > Select all your sync information.


Save Your Videos and Your Pictures

Back up the cloud or manually on your computer for your pictures and images. You can use a series of file storage solutions in the cloud. Still, we prefer Google Images, which offers free storage for photos up to 20MP in resolution and allows you to configure your smartphone to Backup your photos automatically when you take them or when you're connected to wireless Internet.


Call Record and Back Up Your Texts

You'll want to keep a list of your text messages and call log separately if you're worried. SMS backup and restore is one of the simplest to use (free in Google Play). The software downloads your messages and connects to an account, Google Drive or Dropbox-uploadable file. You can transfer data directly using Fast Transfer if you have the latest phone you are switching. If you are an AT&T user, the AT&T Messages and Verizon Cloud app allows you to Backup your call logs and your emails.


Encrypt the Information

It's time for you to erase all the data from your laptop until it's backed up. You have to do more than do a factory reset to make sure that the data is missing. But first, you want the data to be encrypted. This ensures that you need your password to unlock it if anyone wants to see the data on your phone. Android 6.0 and above phones may also have successful encryption. Go to Configuration > Security > Phone Encryption to encrypt your files. The choice to screen the SD card is also available. Do it only if you intend for your device to hand over the SD card.

Conclusion : This is it. When I've done everything, I am prepared to sell my iPhone and rest assured your data was backed up and deleted from the machine—using this as a checklist if it works.