1. Ultimate Guide to Buy Refurbished Phones Online 2019

    What Does Refurbished Phone Mean?

    When an owner sends back their used smartphone to the retailer because of a fault, the seller repairs the handset and puts it up for sale again. Such mobile phones are known as refurbished phones. They are second-hand phones with slight signs or no signs of usage. Every best-refurbished phone is carefully tested and checked before selling. Most of the phones are returned because of some manufacturing or design defect. However, some may even be unused as some customers return the phone because they changed their mind. Refurbished iPhone is a big catch in the market as first-hand iPhones can be expensive.

    Refurbished Phone Vs New Phone

    If you are wondering about the refurbished mobile's pros and cons, then it has a fair share of both.

    The best-refurbished phone is available at a cheaper rate. Buying a used smartphone means saving money for other devices or needs. You get the same quality and features of the

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  2. Is Samsung outgrowing Apple in terms of customer preference?

    Samsung, the Korean smartphone maker, is beating Apple in global smartphone sales, even as Chinese makers like Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are closing in. When it comes to the market share, Samsung leads Apple by almost 10%. 

    This shift in the sales figures is because Samsung has shifted their emphasis to budget phones while Apple has stuck to targeting only the premium customers. 

    This year, the month of June alone saw 3.6 billion active smartphones users globally out of which 893 million active devices were Samsung. Apple has slumped to the second position followed by Oppo, Xiomi, Huawei, and Vivo respectively. These four Chinese makers make up a third of the World’s active market, as they mine on the bottom of the pyramid which holds trillions in disposable income. The costs of these phones are negotiated to fit the

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  3. All that you need to know about the new iPhone XS, XS max and iPhone XR

    Every year Apple launches a new model of iPhone to much fanfare. It is not just iPhone fanatics who are excited about this event, tech geeks and even industry competitors keep a keen eye on the technological developments in the new iPhone. Apple ensures that they add an oomph factor to the phone every year to satiate the curious eyes.

    This year’s event saw the launching of iPhone XS, XS max and the iPhone XR. The launch of these phones has not garnered the same amount of enthusiasm.

    Let us run through what is new in this years' release.

    What is new?

    • Dual sim support – While android phone started coming with dual sim support as early as 2012, Apple has jus
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  4. Why the iphone 6 series is the best selling 'iphone series in the world'?

    We all know that Apple is continually improving on their products and is constantly setting new benchmarks in smartphone technology. However, purchase date indicates that the iPhone 6 series is the best selling “iPhone in the world.”
    We look at the 'why' in this blog.

    Seamless multitasking with excellent cutting-edge features is the impact the iPhone 6 series has to offer.

    Potential Business phone:
    The iPhone is one of the fastest and boasts of the smoothest performance, this offers an excellent experience for users. The lack of a surge in the thermal footprint of the phone nor the issues of OS freeze are the two most noticeable aspects.

    Dependable life battery:
    Long bat

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  5. Busted myths about Refurbished Phones

    Refurbished phones are a pocket-friendly and eco-friendly option for owning a good phone. However, knowledge about them is not easy to come by, even on the internet. And everyone has their own idea or opinion of what exactly refurbished phone are. So, we decided to bust some of the most common myths surrounding refurbished phones.

    Here is our list.

    • Refurbished phones are not the same as a used phone. Refurbished phones are usually contract phones which have been returned after the contract period runs out. The phones are then refurbished by the manufacturer to the best industry standards and put back in the market in good condition. The phones have updated software (at times the software updates are more current that
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  6. What is an unlocked phone? Why does it matter it to you?

    Unlocked phones is probably a term you have encountered a lot while researching your next phone. But do you know what the term means, and why it matters? Find out here.

    • What is an unlocked phone?

    An unlocked phone is one that can be used on any wireless phone network. Whereas a locked phone can only be used on one network. For example, if you had an unlocked phone, you could choose a plan with Virgin, Vodafone, O2, Sky Mobile, or any other carrier of your choice. However, a locked phone does not provide this flexibility. For example, if you had a phone locked to Vodafone, you wouldn’t be able to get the phone to work using an O2 SIM card (without unlocking the phone first, that is).

    • Why unlock a phone?

    Unlocking m

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  7. A glide through the Success Story of Apple iPhones

    From the first Apple computer in 1976 to the 2017 iPhone X, the company, Apple, has been consistently growing and it remains to be one of the most successful companies till date. The Apple Inc. was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. Their first product was the computer which created a tussle in the market and that was when Steve Jobs began to think beyond the PC.

    With the revenue steadily improving, the company then brought out another ground breaking device, the iPod music player in the year 2001. The iPod’s sleek design and easy user interface gave way to create Apple iPhone in 2007 which is considered to be a revolution in mobile phone history. The growth of these phones was remarkable with the company s

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  8. Why the iPhone 6 is the most popular iPhone model of all time

    iPhones have been around for over a decade after the first one was released with much fanfare in 2007. With an average of two models being released every year with additional features, several newer models have hit the market. But 2014’s iPhone 6 is still the most purchased iPhone of all time. As a matter of fact, according to a recent Newzoo report, 21% of the active iPhones still in use are the iPhone 6. This is impressive considering the rate at which user’s change phones these days.

    The iPhone 6 was a rethinking of design elements for Apple, with a thinner and slicker model it was a vital turning point from the earlier much bulkier models. Unlike the flat edges and sharp edges that were telling signs of an iPhone this one was smooth and slick keeping with the design elements that the Android manufacturers were moving towards. Ano

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  9. Decoding your vanity: Refurbished phones- a smart way to own high-end brands

    George was super excited while unpacking his travel bag. His enjoyment was to some extent lessened as his iPhone network provider was inaccessible in the country where he was in.

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  10. 7 Advantages of Refurbished Phones

    Refurbished phones are those that are used once and sold in the market, they may have signs of wear and tear. Some people sell their used phones regularly as they want to upgrade with the latest handset. Hence these phones may not have much wear and tear but still, serve the same purpose as a new phone. The used phone market grew bigger in structure and the phone makers like Apple and Samsung started repairing the damages in these phones to make it nearly perfect which they then sell to Refurbished phone dealers.

    Demand for Refurbished phones is on a high as more users are switching to it and the advantages of these recycled phones are so attractive that users just can’t resist buying them! Look at these advantages of Refurbished phones and we are pretty sure that you will rethink your decision o

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