Checklist Before Trading your Phone in 2021

Many people admire upgrading their amenities with another brand. You might hold up a worse device. Or else one would feel to change it. For all such gratification, one would undoubtedly lead to a new appliance. But the question arises with the older one? Where can a person make use of it? One can certainly choose to trade their older phones. You might undoubtedly wish to purchase a highly branded phone. But the cost of it also seems impressive. Therefore one chooses to access the steps mentioned here. It will help you to checklist your phone while trading. 

Back up Smartphone 

One should certainly begin with this point first. You should check to ensure all backup for contents in it. One needs to tackle this step to access their influential information in the new device. What if you are not sure about your data? Why don’t you prefer to keep a safe side for your data? You might need it in any situation in life. You can follow the following steps to create a backup with your device. 

  • Firstly you need to backup all content access in Smartphone. 
  • It would help if you indulge them with a computer using a connecting wire. It might be USB devices, hard drives, cloud service, and more. 
  • Now you can check all data carefully on your computer. It would help if you tried to review files, documents, pictures, and much more. 
  • You can save information within your storage and tag it. After this, one can certainly try to accomplish it for future references. 

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Wipe Smartphone clean 

One needs to clean up the phone in similar condition as it seems to come up from the shop. After this, you can tackle trading your phone without worries. You can take a glimpse of the steps mentioned below. It will help you to get cleaning of Smartphone in general. 

  • Make your device data encrypted. 
  • After this, try to tackle factory reset options. 

You might tackle different devices for trading. Also, every device possesses some diversified steps to wipe it. You can choose to follow your respective one. 


Are you holding a version of iOS 5 or a later one? If yes, then the system seems already encrypted with a passcode. Therefore you need to accomplish with following steps: 

  • Switch off all services 
  • Log out from iCloud account 

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People who possess android six or later versions need not worry about it. Here side data seems automatically encrypted. What would a person do if they possess an older version? You need to follow below-mentioned steps: 

  • Land on to settings options. ‘
  • Now access the lock screen and security sections. 
  • After this, select to protect encrypted data. 
  • You need to log out from all accounts from your device. Also, for zero risks, delete all accounts permanently. 
  • Now tackle with factory reset options. 


Conclusion: Have you followed all steps mentioned in this article? If yes, then you seem ready to trade your phone. It will add up some extra money to purchase your new device.