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Sell My iPhone 13

Sell my iPhone 13

We promise to pay you 100% of the price quoted or we'll send your iPhone back free of charge!

iPhone 13 Trade In

Thinking of selling the iPhone 13? Get instant quotation, send it free of cost and receive payment quickly with SmartCellular! Find out how much you can get while you Trade In iPhone 13 devices by selecting the storage conditions and network?
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Get a Complete Deal On Sell iPhone 13

Planning to upgrade your old iPhone 13 by selling it? Want to get a decent price on it? We unleash a complete deal on the sale of the iPhone 13 with ease. Check out the Sell iPhone 13 for Cash section for more details and trade in iPhone 13. So, free up from unused or old devices and equipped with the latest generation next Apple iPhone.

Online selling iPhone 13 for cash option is available, and it can be your one-stop destination for selling and buying refurbished phones. The best thing is Apple iPhones maintain a high level of value, and you can resell your used Apple iPhone 13 for a reasonable quantity of money.

It is also a reasonable time to upgrade your device and follow the latest trend. As a seller, you must think about what factors can affect the value of an iPhone. So, it is obvious the phone's appearance can affect the value of your iPhone. A phone with cracks or scratches will be less worthy than a phone in perfect condition. Another aspect to consider is storage capacity. We at Magpie, an online store consider all factors that can affect the value of your phone and provide you an estimated price range for your phone.

Determination of the Price of your Apple iPhone 13

Apple uncovered its 13-model iPhone lineup in September 2021. They have three different storage options for the iPhone 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. Determine the appropriate resell price for your old gadget, please consider the below resale value range and the influencing factors described in the following section.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 13 256GB

If your Apple iPhone 13 has 256 GB in perfect condition, you'll get a good resale price. Good-condition phones are always seen and their aesthetics are also intact. This factor can bring more money to you. So, keep your iPhone in good condition and get more money back.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 13 128GB

If your Apple iPhone has 128GB in perfect condition, you'll get a higher price than the above one. It means your phone is a nearly new-brand phone. When your phone is in good working order, it attracts more money back. In this case, the phone's condition is in average working condition, but with perfect software, it still returns to you a good amount of money.

Sell Used Apple iPhone 13 512GB

If your iPhone 13 is in great working and cosmetic condition with 512 GB, your phone will fetch you a very great amount of money. Check trade in iPhone 13 for more details on it and prices. If the phone is not in great cosmetic condition but in good working condition, it will bring a good amount of money. Check to sell iPhone 13 for prices and compare.

If you sell an iPhone 13, what condition should you list it as? You should keep in mind these conditions:

  • Flawless condition: If you keep the iPhone 13 in pristine condition, it seems like a brand-new device. From the software to the charging ports, it will function flawlessly.

  • Good condition: A phone with no more defects, just minor scratches here and there and performs well. It would be good to sell the iPhone 13 for cash.

  • Average condition: An iPhone 13 may have some serious damage, like cracks, cracked glass, or dents. But each part of the hardware and software performs flawlessly. You should consider the above factors if you have a planned Apple iPhone Trade-in 13. Cosmetic quality, functional condition, and storage space all impact price.

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