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Sell O2 Phones For Cash

Sell O2 Phones For Cash

Our dedication lies in providing you utmost value and excellent service when you sell your old device for cash with us. The commitments listed below stand as a confirmation to our unwavering resolve in upholding this promise to you.

* Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Same day payment does not apply to orders received after 2pm and in events that are out of our control.

Does my Phone meet the requirements?
No Cracked Screens
We can only accept phones without cracked or smashed screens
No Dents
We can only accept phones without dents and blemishes
Working order
We can only accept phones that are in full working order
Factory Settings
Please make sure your phone has been restored to factory settings and all your data as been wiped.


One phone recycled is one less that needs to be manufactured. Every phone used for just an additional year reduces the strain on Earth’s finite resources. Every phone refurbished can have a second, third or fourth life in the hands of another user before it reaches its true end-of-life. That’s why SmartCellular is committed to reduce the negative impact on our planet by giving you Extra Cash for every unwanted phone you recycle with us. Its a Win Win for all!